Artificial Intelligence can be your ladder to success in IT industry

Artificial Intelligence can be your ladder to success in IT industry

Skilled AI professionals are currently in high demand in India. However, due to the shortage of skilled professionals, 76% of companies concur that this factor is hindering their ability to implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the best possible manner. We've created a list of some of the most high-demand roles in the field of AI currently. Let's have a look at each one of them separately.

1. Data Scientist
The sexiest job role of the 21st century, the role of a data scientist ain't going anywhere. A data scientist is responsible for analyzing large amounts of data needed to build robust AI models. In most cases, the data received at the initial stage is raw and unstructured. A data scientist structures this raw data to make it processable by an AI algorithm. This is one of the most rewarding careers in India.

2. AI Software Engineer
Software engineers are responsible for building various digital products in SaaS, Cloud, Social Platforms, E-Commerce sites, and more. Software Engineering in AI has just sprouted as multiple AI applications are launched from time to time, so this leads to a huge learning curve in this field. The role of an AI Software Engineer is essential for the functioning and management of AI applications and models. This is why Software Engineers need to be pros at working with programming languages.

3. AI Architect
An AI Architect plays a crucial role in sustaining an AI model. He/she is responsible for transforming a company's business objectives to efficient AI implementation. Being a high-impact role in the industry, it requires professionals to chart out the structure of AI implementation and design the functioning of different components of AI to deliver a solution.

4. AI Product Manager
It is important to view AI as a product than just a service. The role of an AI Product Manager is to serve as the point of contact for all teams and stakeholders of the product. They are involved in the planning, forecasting, production, or marketing of a product at different stages of its lifecycle. An AI Product Manager plays a vital role in generating the company's revenue stream.

5. AI Model Trainer
AI model training helps in fine-tuning the results and offers a higher degree of accuracy. It does not just mean feeding data to an AI algorithm but also ensuring that the data is relevant, free of redundancies that could derail the model. An AI Model Trainer improves the overall effectiveness of the model by manually feeding the training algorithm with the most accurate data thereby improving its performance.

How to build a career in AI?
If any of these roles caught your interest and you are thinking of establishing a career in the field of AI, we recommend that you pursue the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence by IIIT-Delhi.

Ranked #4 as the University in India by Times Higher Education Ranking and Technical School in India by Data Quest T-School Ranking, it is one of the premier institutes in the country. Great Learning, the ed-tech giant, has collaborated with IIIT-Delhi to bring this program to individuals who want to develop a strong foundation in Computer Science and apply the knowledge of AI towards innovative practical applications.

Its comprehensive curriculum will take you through Statistics, Programming with Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms. You'll also learn Machine Learning concepts, Deep Learning for AI, get knowledge of databases - SQL & NoSQL. You'll learn from the world-class faculty of IIIT-D, earn a PG Diploma and receive alumni status from the coveted IIIT-Delhi.

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